Dhanteras - 25th october 2022

Dhanteras - the Festival
of Abundance Generation
and Vigour.

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About Dhanteras.

Dhanteras or Dhana-trayodasi is celebrated on the Trayodasi Tithi of the thirteenth lunar day of Krishna Paksha in the month of Ashwini. This Festival is celebrated for lakshmi to increase wealth and prosperity. Doing this Pooja will increase your assest and Uplift your Financial Background.

Financial Issues

"Lifestyle is connected to Finance" by doing Rituals for Goddess Lakshmi, you can grow immensly in your Financial lifestyle. You can also Increase your assests very fastly by doing rituals to goddess Lakshmi and Uplift your Financial Capacity with the Grace of Goddess Lakshmi.

For Childbirth

Many People have Difficulties in Getting Pregnant and in having Safe child birth, with the Grace of Santhana Lakshmi, you can have Safe & Secure Child Birth without any complications and problems, you can have your child born in a good time. You can also do Pooja for Successful IVF or IUI.

Correct Partner Attraction

Attract the Correct partner into your Life with the grace of goddess Vivaha Lakshmi, Doing rituals to her makes you attract the right soulful and understanding partner into your life fastly without any delay. Doing Rituals also makes you get married in a good muhurtha, and lead a happy married life.

Beauty & Skin Care

What many people do not know is that there is rituals to increase your Beauty and Attraction naturally, By doing this pooja Increase your Beauty & Vashiya, Mohana, Akarshana and have Killer Attraction in a Crowd and be like goddess lakshmi who is Poorna all the time and has golden Skin.

Getting Marriage

Marriage is getting delayed for many people and all are not able to get married with their soul mate, some have problems in marriage matching of the couple and some other get married in a wrong time without knowing the muhurtha and end up having bad marriage, by doing Lakshmi Pooja you can get married in a good muhurtha with your soul mate.

Debts Clearance

With the Immense Grace of Goddess Lakshmi you can clear all your Debts easily and fastly within a period time, and increase your Assets within a period of time. Generally by doing the Lakshmi Pooja or Homam you can easily pay all your doubts, but the key to reduce the debts is to do the rituals by the proportion of your debt.


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Our Pricing Options

We have Rituals From Low to High Cost, so that all the People can Feel the Divine Cosmic Energy surrounding them constantly after the Pooja and the People can get rid of Maya ( the Worldly Illusion ) and the Karma ( The Right & Wrong Doings of a Person ) and Clear those.

4 Vadiyar Homam


High Impact - Grand Homam

  • Homam in a Good Muhurtha.
  • 108 Ashtothra Pooja
  • Full Live Homam
  • Proper Sankalpa is Taken

2 Vadiyar Homam


Moderate Impact

  • Homam in a Good Muhurtha.
  • 108 Ashtothra Pooja.
  • Full Live Homam
  • Proper Sankalpa is Taken

Poorna Pooja


Less Impact

  • Proper Sankalpa
  • 7 Dravyas Abishekam
  • 108 Ashtothra Pooja
  • Mini Owbasanam



Very Less Impact

  • Proper Sankalpa
  • 7 Dravyas Abishekam
  • 108 Ashtothra Pooja
  • Full Pooja Live



Less Impact

  • Proper Sankalpa
  • 108 Ashtothra Pooja
  • Full Pooja Live

What They Say About Our Rituals.

Benefits of Doing Dhanteras Pooja

  • Increase your Financial Capacity
  • Attract the Correct Partner in your Life
  • Increase your Vashiya, Mohana and Akarshana
  • Have Huge Conversion of Clients in your Business
  • Have enormous Fame and Success in your Life
  • Have Immense Growth in your Career
  • Increase your Assets and their Value
  • Pay off all your Debts easily
  • Have steady Profits in your Business
  • Have Natural Attraction and Facial Beauty
  • Open up new Money making Oppourtunites