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Amavasya Pooja

Get the direct blessings of the ancestors. Get Energy that will ensure lot of growth

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Amavasya Pooja benefits

Amavasya is the time when the pitru world and It is considered to be an auspicious day for performing rituals

To bring peace

It will give a peace to your ancestors. To be successful in the projects you start

To increase the self confidence

Is a perfect tool to increase the level of confidence and self-esteem in learners.

Fulfil your wishes

Make your wish for your loved ones a reality with Ammavasya pooja.

Increase in the Ability

Helps one to make the most out of life by increasing hope and self confidence.

To defeat extraordinaire enemy

By doing Amavasya pooja, devotees can begin their day feeling refreshed and calm, to your ancestors

Remove your misfortune

Clear all your misfortune and grab all the power and attract the top authority in your office.

Book your pooja ₹ 650

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Speed of execution

You can book and get your Pooja with in 30 mins, Homam done in 2 hours

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Individual pooja

In our temple we are performing individual pooja only not group pooja

108 ashtothra

We chant 108 ashtothra for all the gods, which is not done anywhere.

Convenience time

All the rituals will be done at your convenience time.

Economic price

All our ritual are very economical and below market price

Book your pooja ₹ 650

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Book your pooja ₹ 650

Amavasya pooja

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Amavasai is one of the three most powerful no moon days to offer Pitru Tarpanam (ancestral rituals) to honor your ancestors and receive their eternal blessings. In Tamil Nadu, the Amavasya or Amavasi in Tamil month comes every month is also of great importance.

Amavasya is the auspicious No Moon on every Tamil month and is an ideal day to receive ancestral blessings. The significance of #Amavasya has been described in several sacred texts.

Sumangalis (married ladies) are forbidden from fasting and conducting the rituals. On this day, it is auspicious to visit temples which are located along the river banks, next to the sea or any Shivan Temples to perform tharpanam.

If someone is unable to perform the ritual of shradh during the Pitru Paksha, they can perform it on the Sarva Pitru Amavasya. This time is also considered equally good to connect to the ancestors. There are several benefits of this tithi and is a good time to offer your prayers to those whom you have lost.

As per astrology, this day is considered very beneficial to offer shraadh to ancestors and free them from negative energies. This is an auspicious day to pray for them. Also, humans attract energies to fight evil on Amavasya as planets release more energy on Amavasya and human radiation perceives it.

Amavasya is a Sanskrit word that refers to the lunar phase of the No moon.

A child born in Amavasya can be born with birth defects that can lead to mental slowness. It is believed that children born in Amavasya are not very bright in academics since Planet Jupiter is the Lord of intelligence.

Book your pooja ₹ 650

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