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In today's fast-paced world, where people are too busy for spiritual and religions activities, practices such as Shradha has gone almost into oblivion.

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Under the effect of the Shradh rites, the pitars who have attained the Pitrulok (Region of the pitars), move on to higher regions. They are able to regain their lost wealth and success so that their journey into the next life may be fruitful.Bodies of ancestors who have not gained momentum, meaning, those who instead of moving on to the superior regions remain entrapped in the inferior region due to unfulfilled desires, are satisfied with offerings made during Shradh rites, which provides momentum for their onward journey.

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    What happens in shraddam ?


    The Pitras (ancestors) suffer from hunger, thirst, heat, cold, fatigue and also pain as punishment according to their earlier karmic activities. In search of relief from those pain, the ancestors are attracted to their descendants who are karmic debtors to them.

    peace by getting the pinda

    It is a duty of every true son or daughter that they should perform Shraddha on the occasion of death anniversary of their father, mother or any other near and dear one. The meaning of this ceremony is that the soul of the ancestor gets some peace by getting the pinda (rice ball) and water mixed with areca nut from his/her sons or daughters.

    A debt is a debt.

    A debt is a debt. And it must be repaid. The quote 'A debt unpaid is a debt never ending' is true even for the most ancient of debts that owed to one's own ancestors. It is time for you, the karmic debtor of your forefathers, to serve them up some justice by honoring their lifetime of service on this planet with a gift fit for kings: pinda and water.


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    The rites are performed between the 11th and 31st day after death, depending on caste traditions, and at regular intervals thereafter. The first annual death anniversary is observed by a shraddha ceremony that enables the deceased (preta) to be admitted into the assembly of forefathers (pitri).

    Shradh, called Pitru Paksha, is a 16-day period in September when Hindus remember their ancestors by offering prayers and food. It is believed that certain rituals performed during shradh appease the souls of the ancestors and bring happiness and prosperity at home.

    It is customary for guests and family member to wear white, and no head covering is required for either sex. Women should dress conservatively, covering arms and knees. Open-toe shoes are acceptable, as is jewelry… but keep a light touch with the jewelry, nothing flashy.

    Shradhdha rituals are performed to pacify soul of our ancestors. This is considered one of the most important Hindu rituals and performed every year in the Hindu Calendar month of Ashwin. The shraddha ritual must be performed on the exact same tithi (date as per Hindu calendar) as of the death of our ancestor.

    KamyaShradh - This Shradh can be done to fulfil special wishes. KaamyaShradha is done, during Rohini or KrittikaNakshatra. VriddhiShradh - This Shradh is done on special occasions like marriage or on the birth of boy VriddhiShradh is performed to get the blessings of the ancestors.

    The person performing the Shradh must maintain celibacy. Consumption of non-vegetarian food is strictly prohibited. Ingredients such as onions, garlic, chana, jeera, black salt, black mustard, cucumbers, brinjals and lentils like masoor dal, black urad dal must not be consumed at all during the 16 days.

    Conceptually, it is a way for people to express heartfelt gratitude and thanks towards their parents and ancestors, for having helped them to be what they are and praying for their peace. It also can be thought of as a "day of remembrance".

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